Research History

Hydrogen Therapy research has a very recent history. When Dr Shirahata published a paper in 1997 on the role of reduced water as an antioxidant¹ it was seized upon by those using it to justify alkaline water production and the importance of the molecular hydrogen was largely overlooked. It wasn't until 2007 when another paper published in Nature Medicine specified the action of the Hydrogen in scavenging damaging free radicals. There has been an explosion of new research papers in recent years, in many different fields of medicine. In Kawasaki, Japan, the Centre of Molecular Hydrogen Medicine, Institute of Development and Aging sciences at the Nippon Medical School is leading the way with it's approach to this relatively new branch of Medical Science.

Research has only just started to touch on the potential benefits for Hydrogen Therapy although the theoretical possibilities extend to virtually any condition where Oxidative Stress is at the heart of its aetiology. The ability of H2 to pass through cell membranes throughout the body and cells, even into the mitochondria and other organelles gives great promise for future treatment of many diseases. This is especially poignant for those conditions currently considered to be virtually untreatable due to the difficulties in getting treatment products to access areas of the body/cell that need to be; most notably CNS conditions where the Blood Brain Barrier is a major limiting factor. The really exciting aspect of Hydrogen Therapy is its potential to prevent cellular and organ damage by free radicals thereby maintaining health rather than treating illness.


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Research Papers

The following sections are incomplete collections of just some of the research papers published in various different Journals in relation to different parts of the body to give an overview of the future areas where Hydrogen Therapy is showing significant therapeutic promise.

Molecular Hydrogen Overview
Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems
LIver, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes
Cardio-vascular, Ischaemic Injury & Blood
Kidneys & Urinary Tract
Gastro-intestines, Pancreas, Sepsis
Skin & Radiation
Eye & Ear
Antioxidant Properties
Safety of Hydrogen Therapy